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Apply for a US visa

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If your friends or relatives have decided to visit you in America, the first and the most important thing they need to do is to apply for a US visa. The procedure includes 3 main steps: filling in the DS-160 form, preparing necessary documents and personal interview with a consular officer. First of all, a person must fill in the form in English, then pay the visa processing fee. Only after that one can schedule an interview in the US Embassy or Consulate. But a USA visa application won’t be complete without supporting documentation proving the applicant’s strong ties with his/her home country, showing reasons to come back. To get more detailed information on that issue, please check the US visa documents page.

There are four USA visa centers in Russia that can issue a B1/B2 (visitor) visa. They are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok. An applicant should choose that embassy or consulate which is geographically closer to him/her. On the day of the scheduled interview one must bring all the documentation including travel passport, supporting documents and an invitation from a US-party if the person is invited to visit someone in America. Although in Russia the USA visa interview is held in Russian, most applicants find it quite difficult: this short procedure may include some provocative questions, thus it’s very important to be psychologically ready for just anything!

But the good news is that our company is here to help you with all the difficulties. Go for Travel provides visa support and all sorts of related consulting services to Russian citizens from big cities and small villages. Our aim is to help people to obtain their US visas as easy and fast as possible and provide excellence in visa supporting. So, if your friends or relatives from Russia choose to apply for a USA visa with our help, their first step should be contacting our office. Our specialists need to speak with the person who is applying for US visa to understand the full situation. After that we will be able to give all the relevant information and answer all of the applicant’s questions correctly.

Скачайте опросник на русском языке для оформления визы: в формате doc / в формате pdf / в формате docx.

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